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Please Contact Maddi or Aaron Kerlee if you have any questions!

Sugar Donor Picture


(Damn Proud X Ace of Diamonds)

Sugar Arizona National
AK Donor 4 .jpg

EKCC Ms Doris 

(Sub Zero X Superman/Predator)

Supreme Champion Open Show CA State Fair 2017

Idland Hazel 6406

(Style X Heat Wave)

AK Donor 2.jpg

Boy Shes On Fire

(Outsider X Fire Maker)


Miss Maddie

(Maternal Made X Angus)

Owned With GOET

AK DOnor 3 .jpg

GHC Impressive 7507

TR MR Fire Water X 0641

Owned with Hensley Bros.

Indian State Fair Champ Jr Show.jpg

164Z Whiskey X Kelli 

(Whiskey X Who Da Man X H546)

Owned with Luke Doris

Donor 164Z.jpg
Crystal Class Winner Jr. Nationals.jpg

SULL Cloudy Crystal ET

(Little Cedar Aviator  X WHR Sonny / Lady Crystal 434p)

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